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CentOS with additional IP’s is our most popular! We’ll create a server to your exact specs for constant uptime and availability. More Details

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At our heart, we are a tech support company. A variety of industries manage IT infrastructures..but it’s our relentless Micrsoft SQL tech support which separates us. All of our tech support staff are experts with Microsft SQL. All of our staff members are capable of handling virtually any issues.

Data center. Servers, Infrastructure & Management

Do the work up-front and your job is easier. Everything we have is designed with the anticipation of issues or failure, which makes it easier to sleep at night (or day, depending on your schedule). Mirosoft SQL demands extremely high availability and performance, which we offer, hence our growth in this segment.

Communication & Monitoring

All of your services are monitored by us. We manage your Microsoft SQL services and server for you. Monitoring, backups, restorations, restarts, etc., are all included. Any issue you have are our issues and will be handled by us in real-time. We are positioned to solve any particular Windows server and MS SQL server specifics away…all day, everyday, and night period.

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We can provide custom programming, web design, and Internet marketing. And we’ve partnered with reputable firms what we’ve had direct experience with for anything that we can’t do in-house.
Dedicated SQL Servers
We’ve provided Business, Education, and Government organizations MS SQL servers for more than a decade. More Details
Dedicated Windows Servers
We’ve provided Business, Education, and Government organizations Windows servers for more than a decade. More Details
Dedicated Linux Servers
We’ve provided Business, Education, and Government organizations Linux servers for more than a decade. More Details

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Windows Hosting

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SQL Hosting

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Planet Hosting – MS SQL Servers Made Easy!

We specialize in Dedicated Servers with an emphasis on Dedicated MS SQL Server. MS SQL data base hosting has a very high availability requirement-constant uptime is needed. The majority of our customers are small to medium businesses, programmers with applications, educational, and governmental agencies requiring the best service for MS SQL Dedicated servers. We have a certified tech staff who are excellent in Windows, MS SQL dedicatedserver, and MS SQL support requirements. also servers many clients with Dedicated Windows Servers who install their own MS SQL program onto the server. Clients who want Dedicated Windows also require 99.99% uptime with Managed Dedicated Services. Most of our tech staff is MCSE Windows certified, and all of our the best IIS and MS SQL host in the market place today. For every Dedicated Windows Server and Dedicated MS SQL server we provide brand new servers preconfigured for the user. All our Dedicated Servers come with RAID mirrored hard drives hosted in a CLOUD environment, managed backups and preconfigured managed firewall. We offer the best Managed Dedicated Servers for Windows business ASP .NET web hosting and Microsoft SQL customers. We also provide 1000’s with a variety of Windows Linux shared hosting service. One of our most popular is Shared MS SQL hosting. We are experts in Microsoft ASP hosting (Active Server Pages) and ASP.NET hosting. For Linux shared hosting we are specialists in MySQL data base hosting and PHP. We consider ourselves to be the best shared hosting company available today. Free Trial !

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Email questions to or call 800-439-1411 to talk to a sales representative directly We offer the best Mangaged Dedicated Services For Windows business hosting customers.

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