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Below are real unsolicited comments and feedback we've received from some of our customers.  The majority of our customers are from referrals and repeat business.  We take our service very seriously, we believe that you are not here to serve us...but we are in business to serve your hosting needs...




After many trials and tribulations - Yippee my code is now working for the emails.

Again many thanks for all your assistance - the site just awaits some trials by the client and their input to all the pages.

Very Well Done Boys

Paul Baldwin


Just to mention, you guys have always been great with your tech support, much appreciated.



As usual ... you guys are stars! Customer service is tops.

Thanks in advance!

Cheers - Scott

A Big Thank You


A big thank you to your support department. They solved an sticky email problem for us. We have been online since 1999 and know from experience that most support departments would blame the problem on our VBScript and would not have gone the extra mile to workout this problem


John Shields

Dear Planethosting,

Having reached such an important milestone for my two companies I would be remised if I failed to say thank you to the team. The help and support you guys have given us over the past few years has allowed me and my team to focus on making music instead of worrying about our websites.

Thanks once again from all of us at Pointman Entertainment and Soulsupplement Records, we look forward to many more years and reaching many more milestones for not only our company but also yours.

Bruno Browning
Pointman Entertainment, Inc.


Thanks so much! Rocks!!



Thanks for your speedy response and the great work.


Nasarullah Arakkal

Wow, very fast. thank you. First impression VERY GOOD.

thank you.

Jeff Douek


Thanks a lot for your outstanding support.

Frank Lee
Vehicle Data Consultant

I am really very happy wth the service you and Stuart and Andrew have provided in this complicated time for me. Thanks again.


Excellent job with the new spam filter. Just about everything I get now is wanted e-mail, or at least legitimate e-mail.



Wonderful. You guys are really efficient and responsive. I will work on this over the weekend and let you know if I have any problems.

It sure does make my work a lot easier that I don't have to keep on chasing you. I will pass on my comments to the management so that they are aware of this, and will hopefully use you for more services in the future.

I will also recommend you to my other clients that might be interested in having hosted services.


Jeff Weinstein

Thank you, Planethosting, this is an Exelent Technical Support




Thank you SO much - hopefully, I won't have to bother you with this again. I always appreciate being given the tools to get things done myself - I know you folks are kept plenty busy without having to pick up my slack. Planethosting is without a doubt the best hosting provider I have EVER worked with. Keep up the outstanding work!

....and thanks for a fantastic service (at an unbeatable price!)

Thanks again,
Lee Greenway


Thank you once again for your assistance and pointing out the problem and what I should do to correct it. You guys are the best!

Cheers - Scott

Scott Austin

(Two years later..."Excellent! Thank you. You guys are amazing. :)")

Hello Planethosting;

Excellent! Thank you and Planethosting for your superb support / assistance.

Best Regards - Scott

Scott Austin

Thank you,

Planet Hosting is the Greatest.


you are SO THE MAN. i'd buy you a beer if i could. thank you.

:nick amoroso:
professional drums and instruction


Thank you for the fast turnaround on the [dedicated] webserver hang problem.

Just wanted to let you know we don't take quick service for granted it's good to know that we can get it when we really need it.

Thank you to you and the tech boys.

Take care
Mike Lewtas

Additional testimonial:

Thank you for your speed and attention and add me to your appreciation list.

Have a good weekend


Yes, it worked. You guys are awesome.

Thanks so much,


Thank you!
you guys ROCK!

Bradley Michael

Hello Rocky;

Wow ... What excellent service!

It works fine now!

Thank you again.
Best Regards - Scott



Mark Morris

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your support and professionalism. Your response to my inquires, regardless if it's on Monday, Saturday or Sunday... even holidays, is superb. Thank you team PlanetHosting!

I have included you on my front page as a link. Please visit it and let me know if it's appropriate.



Randall Dyck

(four years later..."you and your team are the miracle workers! It works just fine now, thank you for all your help. Planet Hosting has once again been extremely responsive to my inquiries and resolved the issues quickly and with true expertise and professionalism, thank you!.")

Dear Planethosting,

Thank you! I do appreciate what you and the tech team have done for us since we began hosting our site with you. Jon in the tech team has been a great help as you have been. Thank you once again.


Thanks! Your hosting is awesome and Planethosting has an awesome
tech department who should all be employee of the month!!!

Robert Moore

Dear Planethosting,

Firstly we have been using Planethosting for about two months now and are very pleased with the service and responsiveness of your company. It was definitely the right decision to move our hosting requirements to Planethosting and we thank you.

Thanks again, Planethosting are brilliant.

Kind regards,

(two years later..."Thank you Planethosting. Our continuted commitment to Planethosting is because of the fine service you provide.")

Thank you Planethosting,

This is excellent! This is precisely what we wanted...
Your service is great!


Mustafa Arif

Hello Planethosting,

Thank you for your email and explanation.

Everything is now working just fine. I definitely appreciate the professionalism PlanetHosting show / provides its clients. Looks like I've finally found the cost-effective and reputable ISP I've been looking for over the years. Bravo! Thanks again.

Best Regards - Scott


I wanted to take a second to say thank you for your excellent service. The hosting, SQL Server, DSN and FTP all work as we had hoped that they would. Every tech/support issue has been handled quickly with a positive resolution. You guys are amazing!

Thank you.



Thank you very much for the attentive investigation and resolution of problems.

My special thanks to Jon and Chetan. Also thanks to Paul in coordinating with tech team.

I am now happy with the kind of reply and commitment expressed in this mail by Jon. We have just decided to stick to Planethosting for eprojectsystems on a long term.

Thanks again
Best regards


Hi Planethosting,

Thank you very much for taking care of the changes for me. I really appreciate your prompt response, and want to once again state that I have found your company's services to be excellent. Please feel free to use me as a reference for prospective clients.

Best regards,

Jeff Maziarek

Thanks for the follow up. Your team is on the ball and I have had three communications from the tech department today. I appreciate your help.

Byron Lewis

P.S. I really appreciate how the transition was made in such a timely manner. Incredible service! Thanks!

Stan Tucker

You have no idea what a pleasure it is to work with have patiently answered all of my questions and been there when I needed a leg up....I have total confidence while working with you and I very much appreciate you all.

Thanks again!

Jeff Money

Thanks again for all your help. At first, we were slightly apprehensive about going with a smaller host, but, so far, your responsiveness has made the difference. Thanks for the detailed follow up.

Will Golden



Please convey to the technical team how much I appreciate all of them for their timely responses; I am writing a major business article for a national magazine and will be approaching the correct person(s) to extol the quality of the service and reliability of PlanetHosting.

You have been terrific!

Have a magical New Year,


Hi Planethosting ...

Just to let you know that of late your service has been outstanding. The kind we had hoped for when we signed on with Planet Hosting!
Thank you!

Dear Planethosting,

The tech support and service from Planethosting is outstanding. All of my questions have been answered in full and e-mailed to me in just a few hours. I can not say enough about the support team. Thanks for all your help and support. I am set on being a Planethosting customer for a long time!

Matthew Toomsen

Hi Planethosting,
Thanks for your help and the offer.  Sounds great.  Jim has been communicating and helping me quite a lot lately.  He is a good help.  I only know a few people at, all nice and professional people.  I am very satisfied with the hosting service.  I fully understand that people get busy sometimes.  As I talked to you on the phone, the major concern for me was to get informed, and I would not push on the speed.  Now I feel a little flattered with the service and attention. 

Thanks a lot.

Chi Jin Song

Thanks for the prompt responses and action. I also appreciate you giving me your pager number. With 10,000 teenagers here and all their parents looking for scores, being able to get that information up quickly matters.

Hopefully I won't have to page you but if I do, at least I know you are there!

Planet Hosting has been GREAT.


Thanks for the reply, tech staff. As always, I am impressed with the technical depth and speed of your responses. If you have a manager I can write to let them know what a great job you're doing, please forward to me.

Thanks again,

Will Buffington

Wow, excellent. You guys are fast! I can already tell that this is going to work out well. I had heard you guys were good, now I believe it! Thanks again,


Thank you very much for your kind support. I do not know what to say to express my sincere thanks for all you have done to support us not only this matter but since we were here for the first time. I thoroughly agree for what other people have commented about your services in the testimonials.

Thank you again for your great services and if there is anything which we can do for you, please do not hesitate to let us know.


Wuttirayut Petrak

Dear Planethosting,

We have been very pleased with the service provided so far and will definitely be staying with Planethosting. Hopefully this is the start of a long and happy partnership.

Best regards,


I'm not sure who I should really send this to, but I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding service I've received from both the sales department and in the tech department. After my first experience with your company just a few months ago, I sent another customer your way and I know of at least one other person I'll be sending your way in the near future.

Keep up the great work!

Thank you!

Brenda Potts

Thanks.  You know, I wish there was a way to actually describe the support you guys provide me with the web site.  Thanks again for all the help.

Anthony Kuhn



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