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Windows & Linux Web Server Hosting
SQL 2000 Server Web Hosting

Managed Dedicated Windows Server for

$299  a month

Dedicated Windows Server is for the organization that requires it's own server. This is a hosting solution for a entity that has the need for the most advanced connectivity, maximum resources, and personalized applications. We provide a custom built professional grade server for you with rack space and connectivity in our managed data center.

For Dedicated Windows Server, we offer

Data center:

  • Power: 1200 Amp AC dedicated
    service, 8 hour battery
  • Generator: 700kW diesel generator
  • HVAC: 50 tons
  • Security: 24x7 security guard, key
    card access, video camera


(click to enlarge)


  • Interconnection points: Route diversity to two loop tandems and numerous end offices (diverse paths from Telco circuits, SONET-equivalent)
  • Local Transport: 4 separate fiber connections (multi-homed Tier 1 networks, OC12 fiberoptic)
  • True 99.9 network availability


  • 3WARE Hardware RAID!
  • Mirrored drives!
  • Dual SATA 160 GB drives!
  • External NAS backups with archives!
  • Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz, 1066 FSB, 2M cache processor
  • 1GB Memory
  • More server information click here
  • Microsoft IIS; 2003 Standard Edition
  • Server upgrades available, email sales
  • High-End Server Special
MS SQL Database Hosting

Included Services:

  • Preconfigured software & hardware firewalls!
  • Preconfigured auto backups to external hard drive!
  • Preconfigured automated update patches!
  • Preconfigured auto reboot!
  • Manual reboot APC login capability
  • Bandwidth - 1/3 T-1 included! (.5 meg; more available)
  • 15 email accounts on our (IMail) mail server
  • Very detailed (Urchin) web statistical reporting
  • DNS management for 10 webs using our DNS servers
  • 5 dedicated IP's included
  • Bandwidth reporting
  • 24/7 server monitoring
  • Web based Account Manager
  • Customer support, sales and service that is well suited to corporate clients and progressing businesses


  • Additional IP's
  • Additional email accounts
  • Optional server information click here
  • Additional web statistical reporting
  • SQL data base using our SQL (2000) server
  • OR, your own SQL 2000 Standard installed
  • DNS management for additional sites
  • Private SSL cert
  • Additional bandwidth
  • Private server administrator (part time allocation; technician shared with a group of several Dedicated Server customers)
  • Private server administrator (full time allocation; professional technician, 8 hours/day, 5 days/week)
  • Many other business and ecommerce products and services available from Planethosting (see Tools)

Email questions to or call 800-439-1411 to talk to sales representative directly. Or proceed to the following form to place an order for your own Windows Dedicated Server today. Setup and Installation usually takes 3-4 business days. We have many satisfied clients, you will receive professional, prompt, and personal service from the beginning.

We specialize in Dedicated Servers with an emphasis on Dedicated MS SQL Server. MS SQL data base hosting has a very high availability requirement - constant uptime is needed. Many of our customers are business programmers requiring the best service for MS SQL Dedicated Server. We have a certified tech staff who are excellent in Windows, SQL 2000 dedicated server, and MS SQL 2005. Great Dedicated Servers, NO setup fees ! also serves many clients with Dedicated Windows Server. Clients who want Dedicated Windows also require 99.99% uptime with Managed Dedicated Services. Most of our tech staff is MCSE Windows certified, and all of our staff is very experienced in Windows 2003 Dedicated Server. We consider the best IIS host in the market place today.

For every Dedicated Windows Server and Dedicated MS SQL 2000 we provide brand new servers preconfigured for the user. All our Dedicated Servers come with RAID mirrored hard drives, managed backups and a preconfigured managed firewall. We offer the best Managed Dedicated Servers for Windows business hosting customers.


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