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Full Business SEO Marketing - $750 per three month period. 15 Key Word Phrases.

We will position your busines high up in the CENTER of the page on the search engines (NOT the 'pay per click' ad boxes to the right hand side of the page).

The center of the page positioning is called 'organic' placement. People searching deem companies listed here as much more credible than companies that are simply only listed in the ad boxes (PPC - Pay Per Click). The theory is that virtually any business can buy an ad, but companies listed in the center of the page are more legitimate and have been around longer.

Some of your Key Word Phrases may very well advance to the first page of all the major search engines. We have seen key word phrases placed in the number 1, 2, or 3 positions from the top on all the major search engines due to our efforts.

A Key Word Phrase is a single, pair, or multiple words grouped together that would form a 'search' made by your potential customers. For example, if you sold swimming pool products some may include: 'swimming pool products'; 'products for swimming pools'; 'swimming pool supplies'; 'swimming pool equipment'; 'swimming pool accessories'; etc. Those are examples of 'Key Word Phrases'. If you need help choosing your Key Word Phrases we can do that for you at no charge.

What is all means is traffic! Then hopefully sales! Search engines are they way to go! Most people find what they're looking for on the internet by search engines. Get in the groove and market your business in the most cost effective way available on the internet. We have years of experience and our "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) services are UNMATCHED for the bang-for-the-buck.

We will market your web site URL on all the major search engines: Google; MSN Search; Yahoo Search; Alta-Vista; AOL Search; etc.

Total Man Hours - 40 (15 key word phrases; 3 month period). The service includes the following...

On-page Optimization:

  • Keyword Research:   We can do this for you at no charge. We'll consult you and research your competition to find the best Keyword Phrases. Picking the right Keyword Phrases is critical and thats what ultimately drives traffic to your site. Word Tracker and Google Keyword Research tools are also used to help select.
  • Title Tag Optimization:  These are the words that appear on the top bar of your web browser above your web site. We choose words that will drive the most traffic to your site.
  • Robots.txt Optimization:  This hides content (files or directories) form search engine spiders. Some content you don't want spiders to crawl.
  • W3c Validation:  We validate your sites as per W3C guidelines. Markup Validation Service by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - users can check HTML for compliance and to check for errors in code.
  • Working on HTML Source Code:  We will work on Meta tags / Image Alt tags / Header tags on your web site. We can work on Java scripts to keep them from effecting your rankings (make the Java scripts external to increase the 'Text to HTML' ratio).
  • Editing Content:  We will go over your content and write modifications for you to approve. This is in an effort to maximize your position in the search engines. We have experienced copywriters that imbed your keywords into the text.
  • Image & Hyperlink Optimization:   Keywords will be embedded into the Alt text of image tags and in the titles of hyperlinks.

Web 2.0 and Social Media Optimization:

  • Social Bookmarking:   This is when people save a list of their favorite web sites online and many times share their list with other users. These can be used to draw traffic to your web site (search engines sometimes use these in their ranking algorithm). We will submit you to a host of popular social bookmarking sites.
  • Blog Writing:  This can help you get one-way links.
  • Press Release Writing:  We can write a Press release about an upcoming event or a general Press Release about your company. We can also distribute your Press Release to online media sites such as Google news results which increases your rankings (they use this in their ranking algorithm). We will submit your Press Release to 'public relation' sites which will increase your overall position on the search engines.
  • Article Submission:  We will write articles about your business and submit the article to sites that exist for this purpose. This increases your backlinks and aids in your position.
  • Video Optimization:  We make a video presentation or your site / business and list them to video sites such as You tube / Google Video / Metacafe / MySpace / etc. We will optimize your video presentation.
  • RSS Feeds

Link Development:

  • Creation of Themed link pages:   This is for reciprocal link building with other sites. We create a page that has other companies web sites linked on it, and those companies link back to your site.
  • Manual Link Requests to Related Sites:  We find related sites to exchange links with (up to 450).
  • Submission to Local & International Search Engines & Directories:  We submit your site to different smaller search engines for local and international search engines and directories
  • One-Way Links:  We try to locate and negotiate site owners to put a link back to your web site on their site (up to 15).

Other Activities:

  • Google Sitemap Creation
  • Yahoo Sitemap Creation
  • Google base feeds


  • Analytics (Statistics)
  • Current Performance
  • Monthly SEO Report

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