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Complete the below order form. We provide a wide variety of domain extensions for $25 per year.

  • FREE parking of name with purchase
  • FREE aliasing to your existing name (multiple domains that point to the same home page; optional)
  • Domain management including DNS and renewal notices

Hosting not included with this option. Simply register a domain name that you would like to use or store.

*This offer is exclusive to hosting customers of Planethosting.

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1. Domain Name

.com .net .org .info .biz .us .ws

2. Billing Address
Full Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
or Province:

3. Email Address

* Domain renewal notices will be sent to email address(s) attributed to your account

4. Hosting Payment Options

The option you choose below will determine how long the domain name is registered
1 year $25
2 years $45 ($5 discount)
3 years $65 ($10 discount)
4 years $85 ($15 discount)
5 years $105 ($20 discount)

5. Questions or Comments

Please include any special instructions. Include what domain/site if any to alias (mirror) with the new domain(s). You can also use this area to list additional domains to register

I am a current customer of
*Your account will be billed accordingly

Enter the Numbers appear in the Image


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